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32-Piece Make-Up Brush Kit

32-Piece Make-Up Brush Kit


Ideal for make-up enthusiasts, this 32-piece cosmetics kit contains all the essential brushes for experimenting with a wide variety of looks. It includes foundation and blusher brushes for creating the perfect base as well as a range of eye shadow and lipstick brushes for lining, shading and blending. The high-quality brushes are made from soft synthetic fibre and come with a handy roll up case for portable use.

The Specifics

  • Soft high-quality brushes
  • Ideal for home and professional use
  • Comes with portable roll up case

Kit Includes:

  • 1 powder brush
  • 3 blusher brushes
  • 14 shadow brushes
  • 2 fan brushes
  • 1 eye definer brush
  • 3 eyeliner brushes
  • 4 lipstick brushes
  • 1 eyebrow brush
  • 1 eye applicator brush
  • 1 lash comb and brow comb
  • 1 mascara brush


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Warranty: One-year full repair and replacement warranty
  • Returns/Refunds: 100% money back guarantee as per our Returns Policy