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Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Sponges

Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Sponges


Set comes with 4 foundation puffs in 2 different shapes: 2x Hour Glass Shaped Puffs in Blue and Pink and 2x Tear Drop Shaped Puffs in Beige and Lavender.
Gives flawless foundation application every single time.
Put makeup on like a pro - evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage.
Shapes are ideal for all types of makeup application - full coverage products like powder and foundation works well with the base or flat portion of the sponge and the pointy direct tip works well for direct coverage products like concealer. Each sponge
Product is reusable if cared for properly - if used daily, we recommend washing your sponge frequently with a mild cleanser and air dry. **For best results: Wash sponges for use.**

Material: Polyurethane
Color: Blue, Pink, Beige and Lavender