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Pack of 4 Bamboo Charcoal Nano Toothbrush Set

Pack of 4 Bamboo Charcoal Nano Toothbrush Set


Many people do not pay enough attention to their toothbrush, dental care is often neglected. They continue to use it until the brush rolls up, and don't replace new one in a long period, any of its "waste" precious teeth. Gradually, it will cause serious result that you can't imagine. The latest trend in health care is added for dental protection nanometer toothbrush, fine brush teeth thoroughly, cleaning brush more easily and keep your teeth away from periodontitis!

The bristles of these toothbrushes are blended with high-quality charcoal powder. Known to have a powerful deodorizing effect against plaque, these charcoal toothbrushes help freshen your breath while preventing harmful bacteria and viruses from growing within the bristles between brushing. Charcoal is renowned for its whitening properties and its amazing ability to absorb thousands of times its own weight in gases, heavy metals, poisons, and other chemicals; thus rendering them ineffective and harmless. It's sleek and slender and perfect for travel, so you'll be ready for a kiss at the arrival gate.

This is a product processed and manufactured with antiseptics and Bamboo charcoal added onto the toothbrush hair, allowing you to have even more hygienic tooth-brushing process.

  • Total Length: 18.5cm
  • Material: Bamboo Charcoal Nano
  • Colour: Orange, Red, Blue, Green
  • 4 items per pack